Our solutions

Corporate education, with real impact

100% customised programmes with real business insight. Nothing off the shelf.
Our philosophy

Why we are different

Even the most groundbreaking management theories can have a limited impact if they don’t consider the human element behind every business or the specific political, regulatory and technological landscapes impacting global organisations.

Understanding that is key and it’s in the essence of everything we do. We believe methodology needs to serve the purpose of the programme, and not the other way around.

That’s precisely why our focus is always on what our clients need. Once goals are defined, we bring together a team of FT journalists, business school academics and some of the world’s brightest business minds to deliver an experience that is unique to each client. While our programmes follow evidence-based research and proven methodologies, the people delivering them come from the real world, not from an ivory tower.

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Methodology and impact

Outcomes first

We focus on achieving measurable and meaningful outcomes that our clients can track.

From start to finish, we work with organisations to define learning outcomes based on their business strategy and co-design the full programme with the aim of achieving their broader strategic goals.

Our solutions involve best practice learning methodologies, interventions and assessments. Our impact reviews use at least 40 standard and four custom low-touch metrics, and our learning insights are fed back during, on completion and several months after each programme to generate maximum impact.

In-depth assessment

Your business has unique needs. We work closely with clients to define real needs and map out the key components of the programme.

Bespoke design

We are serious about customisation. We listen, learn and then create something that’s completely tailored to your business and to your people.

Effective delivery

Large or small groups. Local or global delivery. Our programmes are flexible and scalable. We take care of everything to let you focus on what is important.
Our approach

People-centric, transformational solution

The idea of ‘disrupt or be disrupted’ is still one of the great business questions of our age. But ultimately successful business transformation comes down to being bold and embracing change.

Through our holistic and humanistic approach to executive development, we are helping our clients to reinvent their businesses. We believe that embracing change and empowering people are key in this process, because real transformation starts from within.

Our programmes stand on four key pillars:

True partnerships

Co-creation for us is not a buzzword for us, but a mindset that guides our relationships with clients from day one.

Journalistic expertise

How valuable to your business is it to understand the big issues that shape our world directly from those who are close to the source?

Best-fit assets

We tailor each programme to address specific issues. The choices of learning methodology, technology and experts are shaped by your real needs.

Cultural sensitivity

Our programmes have a global perspective with local resonance, integrating key topics with specific cultural and linguistic contexts.
Learning technology

Tomorrow’s corporate learning solutions, delivered today

We are constantly experimenting with new tech. But for us, the impact that technology can have on the learning outcomes of our programmes is more important than the wow-factor. For instance, we are conducting experiments using virtual reality for team collaboration and also as a tool to help leaders make better decisions under pressure.

Technology is also about scalability: We have developed custom online programmes to help large banks to keep more than 10,000 members of staff compliant with international regulatory directives.

Face to face

There’s something really powerful about bringing people together. It’s more than just networking; it’s about breaking silos, creating real connections and finding solutions.


From pre-recorded modules, to live lectures, we can create scalable solutions that are ideal for a large number of participants connected from multiple locations.


Bringing the best of both worlds, we can add online elements and modules to our face-to-face programmes to ensure your teams continue learning wherever they are.
Client success

How we help our clients

We build real partnerships with our clients. Our programmes are designed to deliver real impact. Read the case studies below and discover how our approach combines expertise, insight and impact.