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5th March 2018
Outcomes from a masterclass for HR and Learning & Development professionals hosted by Dr Robert Rosenfeld
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27th February 2018
Corporate culture isn’t an intangible, touchy-feely concept but a set of real best practices that can affect profits. Some companies have even appointed a Chief Culture Officer. Although it’s probably harder to change behaviour in more established organisations, they can still pick up tips from start-ups.
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22nd February 2018
Individualised learning is undergoing a boom. Directed, as the name suggests, at individuals, not entire groups, it might include helping with a career transition, addressing a specific development need or supplying the latest thinking on a specific knowledge area.
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19th February 2018
Games can play a vital role in corporate learning. But when designing a game that’s right for your company, think carefully about role play, reality and rewards, writes Catherine Mazy.
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12th February 2018
FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance has appointed Gustaf Nordbäck as its Chief Executive Officer.
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