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16th May 2018
Business issues need to be analysed and solved by different groups in an organisation. In this context, the HR role needs to evolve, changing away from the current service-providing department. Our HR Masterclass in Barcelona on 8 May 2018 debated the issues.
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10th May 2018
It’s a rare opportunity: your entire team in one place, away from the office, for a couple of days and nights. But the dreaded ‘away day’ is notorious for wasting time and money with forced team bonding. Done well, however, the away day can nurture team spirit, encourage reflection and review team progress.
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4th May 2018
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has found a way to make executives think harder for longer in meetings. He makes his executives write down what they have figured out in several pages of clear prose which is read in silence at the start of a meeting.
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2nd May 2018
Geopolitical crisis can be capricious. It can devastate one market, while leaving a neighbouring market unscathed. Even within the same market, an event may be perceived differently, depending on a company’s business model, sector, value chain or processes.
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19th April 2018
In the first of our series on managing geopolitical risk, Alasdair Ross outlines ways that senior executives can think about, assess and respond to external
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