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21st March 2017
At a recent FT|IE Corporate Learning Alliance breakfast meeting, FT editors and PwC partners discussed the changing global trade environment and what this means for business. Here are eight key learning insights from the meeting.
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17th March 2017
One might wonder why the gender pay gap among senior executives has not narrowed in two decades. While external barriers, such as the lack of childcare support, social pressures and restrictive laws explain much of the difference, there is also a wide range of internal barriers such as self-confidence, passive expectations of pay and promotion, and guilt over time spent away from children to consider.
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14th March 2017
High-profile expat departures from China, and reports from relocation and real estate firms suggest that these departures are part of a bigger trend than the usual cyclical slowdown. Official statistics show less demand for expatriate talent than five or ten years ago, at least relative to local hires. But it's not just companies losing interest in expats; expats, especially those with families, worry about health and the rising cost of living.
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13th March 2017
Only ten years ago, we assumed that machines would not substitute for humans in such complex tasks as driving a car. AI’s exponential growth suggests that machines will touch our businesses rather sooner and more deeply than previously assumed.
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2nd March 2017
We often hear about the rarity of top talent, and the difficulties of recruiting, rewarding and retaining the best. But are companies looking in the wrong places? While the debate rages over justifications (or lack thereof) for high executive pay and the difficulties of retaining footloose and starry-eyed millennials, companies may be missing other talent pools through lack of imagination, inflexibility and prejudice.
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