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30th May 2018
Digitisation and the disruptive effects of the online revolution are among the greatest business priorities in the Gulf over the next two years, according to a survey of business leaders in GCC countries.
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29th May 2018
Today, companies navigating uncharted commercial waters understand the need for effective risk management systems. Their first task is to decide who should be responsible for spotting risks. The second task is to determine what techniques to use. Generally, the more techniques used, the more comprehensive, diverse and reliable the resulting data will be.
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24th May 2018
Womenomics: Gender Diversity and the Rise of Female-Driven Growth Potential by Tine Arentsen Willumsen is a new international business book with a contribution by FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance. Its theme covers women’s influence on the global economy, both as consumers and managers.
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23rd May 2018
Key takeaways: Encourage HR and Finance to work together to establish true staff costs. Identify, compile and map existing data and processes that determine performance.
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17th May 2018
Nothing happens suddenly. Corporate crises appear to erupt without warning. Leaders seem to be caught off guard. But the origins of a disaster are often plain to see for those who knew where to look. More likely, managers will have just hoped it wouldn’t blow up while they were around.
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