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12th July 2017
Video summary of a thought-leadership panel discussion held at the Financial Times on 6 July 2017 exploring the issues around regaining the confidence and trust of staff.
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5th July 2017
Good communication skills are an essential part of effective leadership. Done well, a speech can motivate, engage and, most importantly, inspire action, says Dr Juan Carlos Pastor. Corporate leaders don’t need to reach the oratorical heights of a Martin Luther King or Barack Obama to influence their teams, but they should at least embrace five principles.
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4th July 2017
The millennial generation, which has come of age in the digital era, is now entering the workforce in ever larger numbers. This is complicating the job of human resource managers, many of whom are generation X or baby boomers. It’s also bringing opportunities. An FT| IE Corporate Learning Alliance panel of experts and leading Spanish companies discussed the implications for HR managers.
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27th June 2017
Market growth and strategy development are the major challenges facing global senior business executives, according to the 2017 Corporate Learning Pulse global survey. Conducted on behalf of FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance, the survey considers the future direction of leadership development.
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21st June 2017
Even a romantic comedy can carry important messages for talent managers: to embrace independent-minded expertise no matter how unconventional.
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