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6th September 2017
Becoming a data-driven company involves more than a shift from one IT system to another. Customers, employees, processes, products, and ultimately the entire organization are transformed into data streams to be analyzed and understood. Some processes will become obsolete, while critical thinking and analytical skills, more in demand.
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5th September 2017
Does the way you look matter when it comes to leadership? David Bolchover argues that similar looking CEOs reflects sameness in thinking.
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4th August 2017
‘If they don’t pay you what you want, will you leave; and if you leave do they care?’ This oft-repeated mantra is useful starting point for senior executives and employers alike when approaching top salary negotiations. Executives should be clear in their own minds how much they are really prepared to work for, and why. Pay equality is not the issue.
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1st August 2017
Inside Google’s new London office, employees can eat and drink for free. It’s a smart move: by keeping ‘Googlers’ in the building during lunch and coffee breaks, the company hopes that its staff will interact more, fuelling team spirit. Ian Sanders explores how innovative employers develop successful teams, and offers five tips for you to do the same.
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19th July 2017
There are, undoubtedly, too many unconscionable acts of corporate negligence, greed and poor leadership that must be addressed before the rot sets in. But companies shouldn’t lose perspective of the enormous benefits they provide consumers and citizens worldwide.
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