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18th October 2017
FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance has launched a series of online short-course programmes. Custom-designed to each client company’s requirements and intended for groups of 50 or more executives, the programmes are known as High-Impact Online Programmes (HiOPs) and they adopt the latest concepts and tools to ensure academic rigour. 
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17th October 2017
‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ This age-old saying speaks to an ever-present concern about international business: how do you manage people you cannot see and seldom visit? While businesses love to celebrate the promise of globalization, there is less discussion of its practicalities.
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9th October 2017
Nigel Paine of Learning Now TV talks to VanDyck Silveira, CEO of Financial Times IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance, about its work in developing senior company executives.
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28th September 2017
Walking meetings can be more engaging, productive and healthier than sitting around a table, but they need to be subtly planned to be truly effective. Executives should consider carefully the physical setting, topic of discussion and mood.  
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27th September 2017
“The customer journey.” “Touch points.” “The moment of truth.” “The ‘wow!’ effect.” These fashionable management terms relate to one of the least understood and most complex business areas: the customer experience strategy. A well-designed and managed customer strategy is the key to differentiating your company.
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