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7th November 2017
On 3 November 2017, Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance held a panel discussion with an invited audience of mainly HR and L&D professionals to discuss how Brexit uncertainty is affecting business and jobs. The meeting discussed what has changed since a similar event held exactly a year earlier.
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30th October 2017
Entrepreneurship is a corporate-wide rather than an individual responsibility, so companies should encourage entrepreneurial thinking of employees, some of whom may be hidden in the
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24th October 2017
Employees often claim to detest meetings. So why are there so many, who exactly wants them, do we really like them more than we let on, and how could they be improved?
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19th October 2017
Business leaders are wrestling with ever more ethical issues. But knowing what constitutes good behaviour is easier than embedding ethical decision-making in a way that supports high performance, says Roger Steare.
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18th October 2017
The tourism industry has traditionally been one of the best and earliest adopters of the latest technological advances in the interest of business. But only part of the industry clearly has yet to embrace a deep digital transformation with a scientific approach to customer experience, says IE's Kevin Sigliano.
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