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29th June 2018
Decision-making is a muscle that needs to be exercised. But as corporate leaders come to rely increasingly on AI to make important choices, they risk not only losing a vital business skill, but also may be replacing it with a possibly-faulty algorithm.
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28th June 2018
The debate about the benefits of homeworking is shaped more by prevailing fashion, prejudice and self-interest than by academic research. But a common-sense blend of home and office depending on circumstances is likely to provide the optimal results.
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26th June 2018
The traditional ‘winner takes all’ view of competition for the C-Suite has given way to more flexible thinking about managing middle management. Such issues as career longevity, flexible working, flatter organisations, and the very notion of seniority were among many subjects discussed by an expert panel* and around 40 HR professionals, consultants and FT journalists at a Chief HR officers lunch held at the Financial Times.
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22nd June 2018
Too many management books over-simplify the complicated business of leading and managing. These are generally article-length ideas stretched into book form with a flimsy thesis. But there are timeless classics that are always worth reading, and some titles that aren't found in the business section of a bookshop.
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7th June 2018
In a volatile world, business leaders need a deeper understanding of the issues behind the headlines. In this video we show short extracts from four leading Financial Times journalists in conversation with FT Associate Editor Michael Skapinker.
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