Technology, methodology,
retention and application

What’s the issue?

Individuals, teams and organisations are expected to learn faster, retain more information and apply learning more quickly. However, too often, learning technologies and methodologies are more concerned with achieving the ‘wow-factor’ and ‘edutainment’ with few applicable insights. This discourages companies and executives from using technology and innovative methodologies that would help their business.

How are we fixing it?

By focusing on how executives learn and interact with technologies and methodologies, we are able to develop effective learning experiences that are customised, effective and engaging. We have developed a network of technology providers which can offer the full range of resources.



We have an extensive network of technology providers that offers a full range of resources, building on IE Business School’s two decades of understanding how learners and technology interact.

We employ the right technology for the right purpose by blending simulations, social apps and real-time dashboards with expert-led discussions and insights.


It’s not the what it’s the how

How you deploy it makes executive education innovative.

We’ve been integrating technology with learning for more than 15 years to create engaging and innovative programmes. We use multimedia in 90% and employ faculty members with blended learning experience. By focusing on how we deploy technology, we are able to lead the way in learning innovation.



By focusing on the business needs of organisations, our dedicated learning programme designers and experts develop the most innovative, creative and customised methodologies.

We draw on numerous and evolving scientific methodologies and associated technologies to align better with learning styles and the preferences of the organisations we work with.