A worldwide alliance of business schools
and educators ensures global
and local relevance


What’s the issue?

As the global business environment becomes ever more complex, executives seek partners that combine world-class expertise with relevant local capabilities. But flying in quick-fix teams that adapt content and patch together ill-fitting formats no longer suffices.

Global Educator Community


No single organisation has a full range of learning expertise that businesses need, so we created the Global Educator Community. Using business school professors, coaches, consultants and practitioners, we bring together all the expertise across functions, industries, geographies and languages.

How are we fixing it?

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance was created to meet this need with our Alliance and Global Educator Community. The geographic and intellectual breadth of this network allows us to design and tailor programmes to meet any organisation’s learning needs whether global, multinational or local, wherever and whenever required.

This is what our community provides:

experts in our worldwide network

countries where we operate


from top 20 globally ranked universities


from the top 3 business schools in their countries


have delivered programmes in more than 10 countries


have real-world experience in business and education

By rolling over the locations on the map you can see a snapshot of the many capabilities of our Alliance


The Corporate Learning Alliance community of educators and FT offices covers over 30 countries, offering local and global access to faculty and the latest business trends across the world