Data driven measurement
of outcomes

What’s the issue?

Executives and HR leaders are becoming increasingly frustrated about whether programmes are delivering what they promise for the individual learner and the business.

“50% of CLOs are dissatisfied with current learning measurement.”
Chief Learning Officer. Business Intelligence Board 2013

How are we fixing it?

While most corporate learning focuses on inputs – the learning framework, the technology platforms or the simulations – we focus on achieving measurable and meaningful outcomes that our clients can track.

We call this impact.


Outcomes first

From start to finish, we work with organisations to define learning outcomes based on their business strategy, and co-design the full programme with the aim of achieving their broader strategic goals.



Best-in-class instructional design and impact

Our solutions involve best practice learning methodologies, interventions and assessments. Our impact reviews use at least 40 standard and four custom low-touch metrics, and our learning insights are fed back during, on completion and several months after each course, module and programme to generate maximum impact.