• December 2016

The second edition of FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance Briefing focuses on the enduring issue of Brexit, and how it continues to dominate the news and raise significant questions on the business implications.  We look at innovation and whether companies can track its impact within their organisations. We consider whether the culture of long working hours is effective.  And we provide a glimpse into the future of technology in the learning environment with IE Business School’s WOW Room. Plus you can read about our events designed especially for senior executives and Learning & Development professionals.

You and your organisation need concise, practical, timely and relevant insights. Our content, like our customised programmes, aims to meet these corporate learning challenges. You can get this every month from our Corporate Learning Briefing. 

GLOBAL TRENDSbrexit-headline

Brexit has dominated the business news to the bewilderment of many corporate decision makers. However, in our recent Foresight Series breakfast briefing held at the FT, four experts discuss 10 practical ways that HR managers can prepare for the UK’s departure. We also give strategic pointers on how UK companies post-Brexit can lobby in Brussels, while our selected FT content considers some other Brexit-related talent risks.


briefing-ed2-image-2Few issues exercise the C-suite more than how to innovate profitably and sustainably. This simple innovation map may help companies track their innovation activities, and will reveal whether they are doing it in the right way. For companies considering a bolder transformation, we explain how they might re-invent themselves through frugal innovation.


TALENT AND LEADERSHIPbriefing-ed2-image-3

Why do senior executives work excessive hours despite research showing this to be largely counter-productive? We look at what how companies might change a deeply embedded long-hours culture. A different perspective is provided in these four in-depth FT interviews of “leaders under pressure”.


INSTITUTO DE EMPRESA. PRESENTACION WOW ROOMIE Business School has launched the WOW Room, taking its commitment to technology immersion in the learning environment to the next level. The futuristic learning space is the result of a combination of IE’s teaching excellence and latest generation technologies aimed at inspiring the class of the future. With this project, unique in Europe, IE further strengthens its commitment to innovation and breaks with traditional onsite, blended and online education models. The WOW Room transforms the learning experience through elements that include artificial intelligence, simulations in real time, big data analysis, interactive robots, emotion recognition systems and the presence of experts using holograms. Watch the launch video here.


The 2017 Foresight Series event dates are being finalised. The Foresight Series brings senior executives and learning and development professionals together to generate discussion, new ideas and  business-focused learning. FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance connects academic excellence with real-world insights from global business practitioners, award-winning Financial Times journalists and academic experts. You can see the video from our latest event here as part of our event report.

Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance will be attending The Changing World: Workforce of the Future is Now event in London on 23 February. The team will also be attending People Development Summit.

If you are interested in finding out more please email events@ftiecla.com.

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