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Our background and philosophy

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance was formed in 2015 in response to calls for more flexible, practical, relevant and timely corporate learning.

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Companies increasingly realise that to survive and prosper in a period of unprecedented global change they must be prepared to adapt, and even undergo major strategic transformation—a process that requires their executives to develop new skills, knowledge, competencies and behaviour.

This means that corporate learning programmes must fully understand—and then closely align with—a company’s strategic goals, its internal challenges, and the external operating environment in which it operates. We believe that this can only be achieved through a disruptive approach to corporate learning, based on the following four principles:

True partnerships. Co-creation with the client allows us jointly to define a company’s challenges and strategic goals and then determine which competencies would best support them. This collaboration starts with the programme design and continues through its execution and impact measurement, while retaining maximum flexibility throughout to ensure that the corporate goals are always being met.

Journalistic acumen. This is a unique and vital contribution to corporate learning. We deploy the investigatory and analytical skills of Financial Times award-winning business journalists to help identify a company’s true challenges; analyse how global news and trends might affect their business; and offer rare insights from the FT’s data and unrivalled access to global decision-makers.

Selection of ‘best-fit’ assets. The selection, from a wide range of learning technologies, expertise and innovative methodology from IE Business School and other partners, allows us to tailor programmes around the specific learning needs of each company.

Cultural sensitivity. Through our worldwide alliance of academics, practitioners and journalists, we ensure that programmes not only have universal relevance but also resonate with local executives or those operating within a specific cultural and linguistic context.


How FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance is reinventing corporate learning

Co-created. Each programme is co-designed and executed together with the client to achieve the specific strategic and learning outcomes required.

Relevant. Less academic theory and more about the real-world issues from leading FT journalists that companies face every day.

Practical. Rigorous learning that can be implemented quickly, with measurable results.

Flexible. Selection of the right experts, learning methodology and technology that can be adapted at any time.