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22nd February 2018
Individualised learning is undergoing a boom. Directed, as the name suggests, at individuals, not entire groups, it might include helping with a career transition, addressing a specific development need or supplying the latest thinking on a specific knowledge area.
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19th February 2018
Games can play a vital role in corporate learning. But when designing a game that’s right for your company, think carefully about role play, reality and rewards, writes Catherine Mazy.
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12th February 2018
FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance has appointed Gustaf Nordbäck as its Chief Executive Officer.
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2nd February 2018
Davos week is a time for brash statements and big predictions, and no more so than when discussing technology. However, with the visionary talk now over, Stefan Stern warns managers to deal in realities not futuristic fantasies.
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1st February 2018
Companies need to provide their employees with fair, accurate, and focused feedback in order to improve their performance. Individual performance drives organizational results. Organizational results are what senior leaders and shareholders demand. This is where Human Resources (HR) can really demonstrate true partnership.
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