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13th April 2017
Employee mental health is arguably one of the greatest challenges facing today’s managers. It covers a wide-range of issues, including crippling anxiety, clinical depression, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, ignorance, denial and cluelessness is preventing business leaders from seeing, and acting upon, the unvarnished truth.
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12th April 2017
Executive education is the way to go if an organisation wants to improve its business prospects, according to a majority of companies polled in the 'Corporate Learning Pulse' study released in May 2016. Read the article published in Chief Learning Officer magazine.
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7th April 2017
In a recent FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance event, a diverse panel and audience of educators, executives, journalists, policymakers and HR specialists discussed how executive education can develop cosmopolitan managers and meet the needs of a diverse talent pool.
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3rd April 2017
When news of data security breaches hit the headlines the stories are usually about determined individuals or groups hacking high-profile organisations for notoriety or financial gain — inflicting physical damage, stealing intellectual property and lodging political protests. Yet a 2016 cybersecurity intelligence study found that almost two-thirds of attacks were carried out by insiders.
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28th March 2017
Storytelling is no longer the domain just of filmmakers and novelists. Businesses are harnessing its power to engage customers and employees, help align staff with strategy, communicate change, and even humanise a faceless corporation.
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