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17th December 2015
Effective executive education requires a focus on business outcomes, says CEO VanDyck Silveira as FT I IE Corporate Learning Alliance marks its first anniversary.
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3rd December 2015
The impact of Learning & Development on an organisation's strategy and business prospects should be a fundamental aspect of a corporate learning programme.
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27th November 2015
Senior learning professionals from large organisations gathered at the Financial Times in London on 4 November 2015 for the first HR Foresight Series event hosted by the Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance, in partnership with the Global Drucker Forum and IEDP Ideas for Leaders.
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18th November 2015
Developing leadership competencies and embracing company values among Spanish and Portuguese managers at Societe Generale working in a changing corporate and investment banking environment.
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15th October 2015
Dimension Data is a global leader in information technology and communications and has set itself the ambitious target of doubling its revenue over a five-year period. FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance designed the Fast Track Forum programme, combining cutting-edge theoretical learning with a practical exploration of all divisions of Dimension Data.
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