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15th December 2016
At a recent FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance breakfast meeting, FT editors and PwC partners discussed how a Trump administration might affect the business environment. Here are ten key insights from the meeting.
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6th December 2016
Empathy—the ability to step outside one’s own way of thinking, appreciate the world of others and be a true friend—is viewed as an important part of good business. While we naturally empathise with family, friends and neighbours, empathy, if properly managed, can also be generated within organisations. Peter Bryant, Entrepreneurship Professor at IE Business School, considers how companies can improve working relationships with staff and customers.
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26th November 2016
How can a company ensure that its innovations add value and align with overall company strategy? IE Business School Adjunct Professor, Marcos Eguillor, has a simple but invaluable framework to get you there.
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23rd November 2016
FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance Foresight Series event report. Debating the potential impact of Brexit on the talent management sector: a thought-leadership panel discussion with an invited audience, hosted by Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance. Held at the Financial Times, London, 4 November 2016.
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17th November 2016
We often read about the intimidating schedules of corporate titans: 5am starts, action-packed days, VIP dinners, late-night emails. They set a standard for executives down the ranks, who then associate long hours with prodigious levels of energy, stamina and, most importantly, productivity. Technology, social media and globalised markets have only fuelled this ‘always-on’ culture. Yet an increasing body of research shows that these impressions are misplaced.
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