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19th January 2017
In his latest book, Cosmopolitan Managers: Executive Development that Works (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), the Dean of IE Business School, Santiago Íñiguez, explores the billion-dollar industry that is executive education, sharing insights and research into what makes exceptional corporate education.
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10th January 2017
It is customary at the beginning of each year for organisations to take stock of how events in the previous 12 months are likely to shape their future. With 2016 being so momentous – the result of seismic changes in the political landscape forcing companies to reconsider their growth, people and talent management strategies – 2017 will arguably present a more uncertain future than we’ve seen in a generation.
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9th January 2017
Why do large companies struggle to keep their staff engaged? Perhaps they are going about it the wrong way, writes David Bolchover.
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3rd January 2017
As 2017 unfolds, trends that have already begun to change the structure and style of executive education and corporate learning will accelerate. Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance makes its five predictions.
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16th December 2016
How can learning and development unlock the business potential of executive education? Watch the webinar recording hosted by mYngle and FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance, looking at the findings of our research into investment in people and corporate learning, and download the presentation.
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