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28th February 2017
Álvaro González-Alorda, an educator with FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance, poses the question, Are Management Competencies Enough to Transform? and discusses the issues and opportunities in this video.
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23rd February 2017
Kraft Heinz’s failed bid for Unilever contains many lessons for senior executives and their advisers about the dangers of mega-mergers. The highly-leveraged, US$143bn offer, that would have created the world’s number two consumer goods company, breached many of the fundamentals that underpin any effective merger.
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7th February 2017
Workforce analytics, the use of employee-related data to inform decision-making in human resources, is now the subject of many conferences and thought leadership papers. But what has it actually achieved? Are we just witnessing a massive public relations exercise by an emerging industry?
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26th January 2017
In the first of our series of emerging market learning outlooks, Matthew Plowright identifies key themes that foreign investors must understand to be successful in
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19th January 2017
Geopolitical risk analysis, done right, is a laborious task. But it forms the basis of sound risk management. Your goal is not to analyse the state of the world, but to help the board determine what business trade-offs they may need to make to keep their value chain both profitable and robust.
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