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24th May 2017
An FT corporate learning panel discussed three aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency: his temperament, his policies and his durability. Seven key insights emerged that might help executives frame their understanding of the new US administration and its impact on the international business environment.
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18th May 2017
Individual computer users are often the weakest link through which cybercriminals can gain access to confidential company information. One cannot take data security for granted. By following these simple steps you can help make it more difficult for cybercriminals to access your private information and that of your firm.
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16th May 2017
It’s a fair bet that your least enjoyable and unproductive periods in work coincided with having a poor manager, and the opposite is also probably true. But if managers are so important, why are so few up to the job, and what can be done about it?
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10th May 2017
Today, it is easier than ever to be distracted—companies encourage it, and we are willing participants. But senior decision makers are no less susceptible than the customers they sell to. This is a big challenge for corporate learning.
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9th May 2017
Modern business faces a paradox. Business leaders say they want authentic, innovative and engaged employees. But by implementing ‘accountability’ mechanisms to achieve this, they end up creating the opposite. This paradox can be resolved by first encouraging a sense of ownership.
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