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7th June 2017
Social networks play a key role in building a good personal brand. Although many leaders dismiss the importance of social media in personal brand-building, this channel is essential for strengthening your brand identity and establishing yourself as a thought leader.
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6th June 2017
There was a 12-fold expansion in international trade between 1950 and 2010. However, the trend has changed markedly since the 2008 crisis. Rising populism and US policy has thrown our economic future into doubt, says Laza Kekic.
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1st June 2017
Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance has strengthened its business activities in the Middle East (GCC), introducing its unique approach to customised executive education for senior managers working in the region.
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31st May 2017
Agile methodologies are now in demand, but they are not the solution to everything. There are various types of practices, and an organisation’s maturity may dictate which approach is the most appropriate.
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25th May 2017
No-one likes to be wrong. But there are ways to change your mind that can enhance rather than undermine a reputation for competence, says Michael Skapinker, executive editor at FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance.
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