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14th September 2017
In a globalised world characterised by its speed and complexity, the learning needs of executives change rapidly. To keep the show on the road, let alone actually expand into new markets and launch new products or services, managers need to hone their agility and creativity.
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12th September 2017
Since slide-making software hit desktops in the 1990s, executives have struggled against sleep-inducing presentations with their garish colours, misaligned or illegible text pasted over images, and endless bullet points crammed onto a single slide. But done well, a talk can be ‘more powerful than anything in written form.’
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8th September 2017
Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance has appointed two experienced learning professionals in roles designed to strengthen its offering in executive education and leadership development
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6th September 2017
Becoming a data-driven company involves more than a shift from one IT system to another. Customers, employees, processes, products, and ultimately the entire organization are transformed into data streams to be analyzed and understood. Some processes will become obsolete, while critical thinking and analytical skills, more in demand.
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5th September 2017
Does the way you look matter when it comes to leadership? David Bolchover argues that similar looking CEOs reflects sameness in thinking.
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