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21st March 2017
At a recent FT|IE Corporate Learning Alliance breakfast meeting, FT editors and PwC partners discussed the changing global trade environment and what this means for business. Here are eight key learning insights from the meeting: 1) There is growing pushback against anti-trade positions. Despite the more protectionist outlook following Brexit and President Donald
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17th March 2017
Women at work must identify and address inherited motivational barriers that prevent them from realising their true leadership potential, argues Dr Celia de Anca. One might wonder why the UK’s 20% gender pay gap among senior executives has not narrowed after two decades. While ‘external’ barriers, such as the lack of childcare support, social pressures and
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14th March 2017
Foreign companies in China are dispensing with non-essential expats; but expats are also losing enthusiasm for China, says Matthew Plowright. Like many expats in China, Chas Pope, Associate Principal at London-headquartered engineering firm Arup, expected to be in China for only a couple of years when he moved to Beijing in 2003. He stayed for 14 years. And like
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13th March 2017
Milo Jones and Philippe Silberzahn predict that high-potential recruits of the future will be human-machine ‘centaurs’. When IBM’s computer Deep Blue defeated chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997, he dismissed its calculating brute force as a US$10 million alarm clock. Today, brute-force computing has given way to deep machine learning and artificial
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2nd March 2017
Recruiters should focus less on CEOs and millennials and more on overlooked talent We often hear about the rarity of top talent, and the difficulties of recruiting, rewarding and retaining the best. But are companies looking in the wrong places? While the debate rages over justifications (or lack thereof) for high executive pay and the difficulties of retaining footloose and starry-eyed millennials, companies may
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