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Executive programmes from Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance can transform businesses through customised and practical models of corporate learning with demonstrable results

Leaders and teams can rapidly translate the learning from our programmes into practical business results.

Our clients achieve tangible outcomes from the continuous measurement of the impact of our programmes.

The effectiveness of our learning programmes is enhanced because we fuse the best global and local minds across varied knowledge areas.

Our clients benefit from customised, effective and engaging programmes through our investment in applied learning methodologies and technologies.

In a constantly changing world, businesses are pushed to improve and evolve to maintain their competitive advantage.

We believe no one is better placed to tackle the necessary challenges, drive change and lead business transformation than the people and teams who run them. Executive learning programmes created by Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance can transform businesses through customised, demonstrable and active models of corporate learning.

With our access to many of the world’s greatest business minds, leading business schools and world-renowned Financial Times journalists, FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance is revolutionising the executive learning industry. We help leaders and their teams achieve competitive advantage with the necessary skills, based on a measurable model of corporate learning that has a positive impact on an organisation’s business.

We can help your business and its leadership by:

  • Enabling better execution of strategy
  • Assisting with successful changes, from organisational transformation to M&A integration
  • Providing an outside in view on current industry changes, trends and best practices
  • Driving digital transformation and promoting innovative environments
  • Developing high potentials and the next generation of leaders
  • Improving functional expertise (e.g. marketing, customer focus)
  • Driving leadership succession planning
  • Developing leadership best practices and insights