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Executive programmes from Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance: transforming business through customised learning with demonstrable results

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Gareth Jones among top 20 HR thinkers

Gareth Jones, member of the FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance Global Educator Network,
is one of the top 20 most influential HR thinkers

Executive Development

Can executive learning produce a positive ROI?

VanDyck Silveira believes business leaders should manage their investment in corporate learning as a strategic rather than purely tactical function

In our rapidly changing world businesses must constantly improve and evolve to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

No one is better placed to lead corporate transformation than professionals with the experience and understanding of the forces that shape our changing business environment. With its timely and relevant customised executive learning programmes, Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance helps companies understand and put in place the changes they need to stay on top.

With our access to the world’s top business minds, leading business schools and world-renowned Financial Times journalists, FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance is revolutionising executive learning, based on measurable outcomes and ongoing relationships.

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance can help your business by:

  • Explaining how global trends affect your operations
  • Identifying technological disruptors
  • Providing an independent view of industry trends
  • Facilitating effective strategy execution
  • Assisting with organisational change
  • Driving digital transformation
  • Fostering innovative thinking
  • Developing your high potential talent
  • Improving functional expertise
  • Advising on leadership succession planning
  • Supporting management best practices